New Beginnings

Love is described as an emotion of strong magnetism, personal attachment, compassion, kindness and pleasure. This is something you always see in the fairytales when the prince finds his princess, but real life, for Elizabeth, isn’t all love and fairytales.
It all starts with a boy named Reed. She thinks he is her future. Her ideal future consists of getting married, having children, and growing old with Reed. Her happily ever after…..right?

I wrote this book with intentions of letting some of the built up stuff I had inside of me out. A lot of what happened to Elizabeth happened to me personally as well. I never dealt with any of it until about two years ago.
I had buried so deep that finally it came out in forms of anxiety attacks. Now anxiety attacks suck. They generally took over my life. If it wouldn't have been for my husband and mom I don't know what I would have done.
My mom got me into see a psychiatrist and a therapist. I never would have thought I would have to see either one of these people. I am glad I did because I have worked through a lot of my problems stemming from the abuse.
The abuse isn't fun and you hide it. I hid it for years until I finally let anybody in. Now in saying that I hope that if there is anyone out there that I can help I really want to. I know how it is to feel embarrassed about it or just scared to say anything.
Thanks for all who read this book and I hope to write more in the future.

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